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Every man should experience the unparalleled excitement of being in the exclusive company of gorgeous, tantalizing models at least once in their lifetime. South Florida Escorts makes men’s dreams come true by providing affordable access to some of the hottest bodies and adventurous attitudes in America’s sexiest city. Each one of our models is uniquely enticing, stunningly sensuous, and exquisitely available for private performances, romantic evenings, weekend getaways and more. If you’ve never known the thrill of the undivided and personal attention of truly gorgeous women, South Florida Escorts can unlock your fantasies and turn them into erotic realities.  

Nowhere on earth is as singularly sexy as South Florida. In South Beach, Miami Beach, Hollywood, and all around Dade County, skin, sun and fun surround you at all times. You’ll never go a minute without stunning beauty of a melting pot of women from all around the globe igniting your libido. But you don’t have to admire them from a distance or spend long sleepless nights with your fantasies in overdrive. South Beach Escorts can put you straight in the lap of erotic luxury by granting you exclusive access to the Atlantic Coast’s hottest models. 

Romantic Dates and Elegant Evenings

Our models are poised to perfection, and make perfect companions for your ideal romantic settings. Enjoy a fabulous meal at any of Miami’s world-class restaurants while a gorgeous pair of eyes exchange glances with you over a fine bottle of wine or contemporary cocktail. Relax with a long after hours walk along a moonlit beach, feeling the warm ocean breeze surround your skin while the sexy South Florida skyline calls to you and your date with infinite possibilities. South Florida escorts embody all of the elegance, class and unsurpassed sensuality of what an ideal romantic setting should be. Indulge in the extraordinary sexiness of a long, intimate evening with a stunning model. 

South Florida Escorts provides out-call services, meaning our models will meet you at your hotel room or luxury suite to begin your time together. Our girls are as punctual as they are sensual. They can often be at your door within 30 minutes of making your reservation, anywhere in the Miami/Dade area. From there, you can explore the alluring flavors of Miami, South Beach, or Hollywood, or perhaps opt for room service to enjoy a more private, intimate engagement together.

Extended Getaways

Are you up to the task of entertaining, and being entertained by, one of the hottest women in Miami, or several of them, for an extended weekend or erotic getaway? Take your time to fulfill all of your fantasies to their fullest by going on the journey of a lifetime around South Florida with one or more beautiful models. Get the Girlfriend Experience by spending lots of time with a gorgeous girl over the course of several days, or take a few models with you on an overnight yacht adventure! 

One of the truly unique benefits of South Florida Escorts is that we offer extended hour discounts while most other agencies charge flat rates, which can add up quickly. South Florida Escorts provides you with exclusive access to exquisite women, and the more time you spend with them the more affordable (and rewarding) your time can be. Why hurry through just one date and truncate your potential to achieve the ultimate model experience? Take your time and enjoy our models for longer. Fantasy fulfillment should never be rushed!

For Your Eyes Only

Many of our gorgeous models in South Florida are available for private performances for your eyes only. Treat yourself to the ultimate erotic indulgence by having one or two sexy, scintillating women perform exotic strip teases or dances for you in the privacy of your hotel room, luxury suite or private boat.

South Florida Escorts often include professional exotic dancers, in-demand adult entertainers, as well as runway models and adventurous students. These women enjoy being the embodiment of desire and love to share their tantalizing talents. Sit back and soak in the singular sexiness of Miami’s hottest temptresses performing just for you. 

Throw a Party

Particularly for men in Miami on business, throwing a party can be an effective and impressive way to treat peers or prospective clients to an adventure they’ll never forget. Model parties in private clubs, or especially on luxury boats, are often the pinnacle projection of success and good taste. Imagine yourself and your business partners surrounded by beautiful women, letting the liquor flow, and leaving your inhibitions in the office or conference room. 

South Florida Escorts are the ultimate party accessories, a feast for the eyes and unforgettable delicacies of delight! Of course, it’s your call. You could throw a party for a number of people or just to celebrate yourself! Take a few models with you on a private boat odyssey or for a round of hot, sweaty night club adventures. Live it up, and take Miami in style with a host of devastatingly sexy women at your side!

Employment Opportunities

For new residents of South Florida, or visitors to the area for just a few days or weeks, becoming an escort and private model is a great way to meet fun and exciting people, and make a lot of money! South Florida Escorts is always on the lookout for fresh new faces and adventurous spirits who want to experience all of the finest things Miami has to offer.

In such a world-class party city, you may have the opportunity to rub shoulders with A-list celebrities, professional athletes, successful businessmen, icons of style and music! There’s not a more exciting and lucrative career for sexy young women (18 and up) than being a professional model and private entertainer in South Florida. Contact our employment office today!

Get in touch with your ultimate desires and reserve a date or extended getaway, private show or extraordinary model party with South Beach Escorts. Our booking and reservation lines are always open! 
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