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Parker has spent a large amount of her life being a good girl. But now, she is making up for lost time. Born and raised as the daughter of a minister in the Midwest, Parker has made a point to meet new people and explore every corner of her sexuality. She came to the pool of Miami Escorts as a very sheltered girl, shielded from so much as going out on a date with a man or watching a movie that is rated 'R'. But the 21-year-old is on a journey to experience it all and wants to know if you can teach her a thing or two. The tall and slender blonde enjoys getting wild at parties and bars, but she also finds just as much value in intimate, late-night chats with intriguing people. If you are looking to connect with someone on a deeper level emotionally and physically, Parker is the best candidate. Her favorite topics for conversation are religion, politics and her guilty pleasure of reality television.

Parker is easy on the eyes, too. With measurements like 38C breasts, 26-inch waist and soft curves in all the right places, it is simply impossible to keep your hands off this beautiful girl. Luckily for you, Parker loves to be softly caressed and massaged. A kiss on the right portion of her body will instantly make her melt. Her relative inexperience in the bedroom certainly does not show as she remains adventurous, open-minded and passionate. She enjoys entertaining individuals or groups of all different dynamics. She finds a lot of joy in bringing others pleasure and will go to great lengths to do it. All Parker wants to do is put a big smile on your face.

Parker is just learning what makes truly entertaining Miami Escorts and wants to show you what she has learned so far.

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