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Get ready, because Faye just might be your new addiction. It is easy to get attached to this 22-year-old petite blonde babe, as it is with many Miami Beach Escorts. Time seems to pass by a lot quicker when sharing an afternoon or evening with Faye. You will find yourself planning additional dates before your first one is even done.

Faye's addictive qualities lie in her stunning good lucks and charismatic personality. After getting to know her on a deeper level, you will always want her around. Faye is a native to Florida, but loves to travel. Her trips, both throughout the United States and abroad, equip her with tons of interesting stories she will readily share over dinner or drinks.

As far as her appearance, she has everything that drives men crazy, and they are all in the right proportions. Faye generally sports blonde hair, even though she is a natural brunette. She considers her full, pouty lips as her best physical feature, and loves the opportunity to purse them up against those of a new lover. Even though she only stands at 5 feet and 3 inches, she still maintains long slender legs with nice toned calves that complement a tiny pair of shorts well. A fast metabolism cancels out her big splurging habits and she manages to retain her 101 pound body and her 21-inch waist.

She also has an appetite for stolen moments of passion with new lovers. There is no better way to connect with another individual than to sensually explore each other inside and out, according to Faye. While she likes to let her partner dictate the pace of these forbidden moments, she is not afraid to take control.

If you were not addicted to Miami Beach Escorts before, Faye will certainly make sure you will be after.
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