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Novemeber 30, 2016

The Best Steakhouses with a Miami Escort

If you want to take a Miami escort out to dinner, there's really no better way to do it than by hitting up a steakhouse for a premium filet, a bottle of wine, and the high-end atmosphere that only such an establishment can provide. Perhaps your only plan is to go out to dinner and see where the night takes you; perhaps this is just the first stop on a night that includes the theatre, a sunset cruise, a local sporting event, or a night at the area's many clubs and bars. Either way, you need to find the best steakhouse that you can. Below are a few places to begin.

Morton's Steakhouse

People rave about the filet mignon at Morton's, with some claiming they've never had a better cut anywhere in the world. It also has a nice romantic atmosphere, with exposed brick walls, soft lighting, and an open, comfortable layout. The wine list is extensive, and they're willing to offer recommendations if you're not sure which one to pair with your meal. This place also has a terrific location, as it is right downtown, found at 1200 Brickell Ave #100. You need to call to make a reservation first, and you can do so by dialing 305-400-9990 or booking via OpenTable.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Wolfgang's has a prime location, sitting right out on the canal, so you can watch the water, the boats and the city life as you eat. It gives you and the Miami escort the experience you were hoping for in Florida. Grab a light chopped salad, a veal Milanese with lemon slices, or a ribeye steak. It's all going to be cooked to perfection. Though the steaks here are wonderful, Wolfgang's stands out due to the quality of the salads and sides; it's clear that, unlike other steakhouses, they put as much care into these side dishes as the steaks themselves. This place is found at 315 S Biscayne Blvd and you can call them at 305-487-7130.

Red, the Steakhouse

This place is the very definition of modern and chic, with stunning design and a contemporary vibe. If you and the Miami escort crave modern styling and the ambiance that goes along with it, this is the place for you. The walls are painted red to match the name, the bar top is a sleek black, and the lighting creates an intimate atmosphere at every table. They have a full bar with beer, wine, and hard alcohol; as you'd expect, the wine list is huge. If you're not into steak but still want that atmosphere, you'll be glad to know they have many other premium dishes, like lobster mac and cheese, grouper, and fried zucchini blossoms. You can find this place at 119 Washington Ave, and you can call them at 305-534-3688.

These are three of the best steakhouses in town, without a doubt, but remember that Miami is a town with an unbelievable number of amazing dining options. Get out there with the hot Miami escort and you'll find there are more prime choices than you have time to visit. 


March 26, 2016


The Best Beaches to Visit with a Miami Escort

Life in Miami is all about visiting the beach. It invades every aspect of culture in warm and sunny Florida, and no trip is going to feel complete until you spend an afternoon outside, with the white sand stretching all around you and a sexy Miami escort on your arm. Below are some of the best beaches in the area.

Crandon Park Beach

This place is heralded as the top party beach in the area. If you're here during Spring Break, it's absolutely wild. It will be flooded with young people swimming, dancing and have a blast. The area is littered with bars and clubs to support the party lifestyle, and you'll hear music booming from each one.  The beach itself is three miles long and there's a big grilling area connected to it, so people will come here to eat, drink and spend the whole day. If you and the Miami escort want to have the time of your lives and meet a lot of new people, this is the place to do it.

Lummus Park Beach

When you hear people talk about South Beach, this is it, as South Beach is just an alternative name for Lummus Park. It's a huge tourist attraction, which makes it one of the best places to relax and go people watching. It's also a popular beach for models, sports stars and celebrities. On top of that, you may be interested in knowing that topless sunbathing is legal, so this is one of the most well-loved sunbathing beaches in the state. You and the sexy Miami escort will fit right in.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Maybe being around a lot of people isn't your thing, and you'd like a more secluded beach that focuses on nature. If so, this state park is the place to go. The beach is usually not nearly so packed, and you can walk down to an old historic lighthouse. If you're interested in hiking, this is also the jumping-off point for a lot of popular trails.

85th Street Beach

The crowds can also get in the way if you want to do the very thing beaches seem best for: Go swimming! The 85th Street Beach gives you a nice little swimming haven, and they have lifeguards on duty to make sure you and the Miami escort are always safe. There are also bathrooms and such amenities. What really makes this place stand out, though, is the lack of hotels and condos. That's what keeps the tourists away, so it's truly a place where you can enjoy the water. Not that it's going to be empty, not by a long shot, but you're not going to show up and find every square inch of sand covered in towels and sunbathers.  

Hobie Beach

Ever wondered where Hobie Cat got its name? This beach is the answer. Since it's an inlet, the winds that sweep through are strong and fairly predictable. This means it's not the best beach for swimming or relaxing, but it's ideal of you want to go windsurfing.

February 6, 2016

Enjoy the City with a Miami Escort on Your Arm

When you first get to Miami, you will likely be amazed at this stunning city. From the architecture to the beaches to the people, this city is all about beautiful things. For some who visit, the thought of spending the day roaming the city by themselves doesn’t seem very welcoming. You can find a beautiful escort to spend your time with – someone who knows the city well and can show you the best attractions, restaurants and nightclubs. In fact, having a local lady show you the sites is a great way to see some of the city’s sites that may not be so well-known to tourists.

Heading Out for the Day

We’ve got some terrific ideas on how you can spend your day with your date. First, head out for breakfast. Unlike dinner spots, breakfast restaurants are bright and airy with endless pots of coffee. You’ve got to try S&S Diner for breakfast, located at 1757 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL, 33132. You can call ahead at number 305-373-4291. This diner has been the go-to spot for breakfast since 1938. It seems the prices didn’t change much from the 1950s on, either. You can still get a couple of eggs, potatoes, toast and coffee or tea for under four bucks. It’s a great place to get to know your date a bit better before you head out on the town.

Enjoying the Morning Hours

For those up for a bit of adventure, an airboat tour of the Everglades is a terrific place to start. You’ll glide through the water while learning about the complex ecosystem and area history from your airboat captain and guide. You can see an alligator wildlife show, which is included in the tour price. There are several crocodile exhibits you and your Miami escort can check out before returning to the airboat for your return trip. The main departure location is at 17696 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, FL 33194 and the phone number is 888-893-4443.

Soaking Up the Sun

After enjoying the airboat tour, you may decide you’d like to spend the afternoon on the beach with the lovely lady beside you. Lummus Park beach, located on Ocean Drive, Miami, FL, is a terrific beach to enjoy the afternoon sun and surf. It’s located in the South Beach neighborhood and is quite popular. You don’t even have to bring anything because you can find it all for rent here from beach attendants who will see to your every whim.

Dinner at The River Seafood & Oyster Bar

For consistently excellent seafood, including some of the best oysters in the city, check The River Seafood & Oyster Bar, located at 650 S. Miami Ave., Miami, FL 33130. This neighborhood gem near the Miami River in the Brickell area has a sophisticated vibe without being pretentious. The professional, but friendly service will ensure that you and your date are well cared for during your meal. You can phone ahead by calling 305-530-1915. You can then head off into the night for some dancing before retiring to your hotel room for a nightcap.


August 22, 2015

Exploring Miami's Little Havana

The city of Miami has a huge Cuban influence, which has had a serious impact on its culture. This has manifested itself as the exciting Little Havana neighborhood, where you'll feel like you're in Cuba's most famous city. Though Cuba has somewhat been opened back up to Americans as of late, it's still difficult to get there, and Little Havana may be as close as many people get. Fortunately, it feels authentic, so it's a great place to go with a hot Miami escort.

When you think of the real Havana, what do you think of? Perhaps you imagine statues and monuments with that distinctive Spanish flair. Perhaps you think of brightly colored paintings and tons of artwork. Maybe you think of having a tropical drink and a cigar, sitting on a terrace that looks out at the water. In Little Havana, you get all of that right in Miami. The delicious Cuban coffee is everywhere, there are plenty of authentic little delis and cafes where you can get terrific meals, and the din of friendly conversation fills the air.

Best of all, you and the escort Miami has given you can hit up little Havana for a night of dancing and partying. Music is a huge party of Cuban culture, and that's definitely not lost on this neighborhood. Put on your nicest suit and get your sexy companion to wear a bright, flowing dress and you'll fit right in like you've lived here all your life. There are clubs where you can see DJs and bands, theaters for more traditional performances, and much more. The best music is often found at the local bars, where the bands rock out until the small hours of the night and the dancing never stops.

If you want to see the local culture, make sure that you're in town on the month's last Friday. On this date, 12 times per year, the neighborhood holds Viernes Culturales — Cultural Fridays. The arts are on full display, with beautifully patterned cloth, paintings, music, homemade food, statues and figurines, cigars and much more. It's like a huge outdoor art fair that takes over the neighborhood. This is a perfect way to spend the afternoon, strolling around from booth to booth, before you hit up the bars for music and tequila shots at the end of the night. This type of culture and art is always available in the area, but it's much more pronounced on Viernes Culturales, when everyone joins in and it's impossible to find someone who's not into the party atmosphere.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that Miami is nothing but mansions, sports complexes and beaches. Those things are great as well, and there is definitely a modern part of the city that you want to check out. However, no trip to visit the hot Miami escorts is complete until you've been to Little Havana. It shows you a side of Miami that you've probably never seen, one that Ernest Hemingway would have loved, and we promise you'll have fun.

May 17, 2015

Must-See Historic Sites in Miami

Do you love the history that you can find whenever you visit a new place? Maybe you're planning on taking the Miami escorts out for a romantic dinner or even a night on the town when the sun sets, but first you want to take these girls out for a fun day trip, exploring the history and culture of Miami. This can be an excellent chance for you to get to know each other and to enjoy one another's company; a day spent like this means that your plans for the evening are going to be even more fun. Below are some of the main attractions that you have to see when you come to town.

First off, did you know that one of the oldest buildings in the country is in Miami? It was built all the way back in 1141, hundreds of years before anyone from Europe set foot in the Americas. If that's not confusing enough, it's a Spanish monastery, and it was actually built in Spain. It's from Segovia, originally, but William Randolph Hearst decided that he wanted it in 1925, and he bought it. Just under three decades later, in 1952, the building was taken apart, transported over the Atlantic Ocean, and put back together. It's a unique way to move a building, and it's the only way you can get a monastery from 1141 into North Miami Beach.

As you may know, Charles Deering had a huge impact on this area back around the turn of the century, and there are two properties that are tied to him that you and the Miami escorts can check out. The first is his estate that is located over at Cutler. The estate was constructed right around 1900, and there are three separate buildings that you can look at. If that was not enough history for you, the area is also a burial ground that was set up by the Tequesta tribe back around 1700.

The second Deering building is Vizcaya. There is a museum inside and beautiful gardens outside. This one was built a bit later, right around 1916, about the time of the First World War. Deering wanted to use it as a vacation home during the winters. The white stone building has a very castle-like footprint, with three stories, towers on the corners, and a fence running around the property. When you go inside, you can see how the rich lived during the Roaring Twenties, a period of incredible wealth and excess in the United States, right before the Great Depression. If you enjoy books by Hemingway —- who lived in Florida for much of his life -— and F. Scott Fitzgerald, you may notice that some of their characters were set in this time period.

Finally, it is worth taking an afternoon to visit HistoryMiami with the Miami escorts. This is an easy-access museum that you'll find downtown, but the sheer amount of exhibits is terrific. You can learn a lot in a very short period of time. It's also a great location if you want to follow it up with drinks or dinner.


April 9, 2015


Miami’s Unique Dining Experience

Not matter what type of cuisine you seek, you’ll find it here. With some of the most famous restaurants in the country, as well as several Michelin star restaurants, this city’s multi-cultural flavor flows over into its food offerings. What better way to find the best restaurants or best dives than with a beautiful escort on your arm? In addition, a gorgeous woman to have intimate conversations with will greatly enhance any dining adventure. Below are some of the city’s best known, gourmet restaurants and a couple of out-of-the way diners that locals know well.

Michael Mina 74

This exquisite dining experience has everything you might envision a stunning Miami restaurant to have. With dishes like scotch-bonnet-flecked tuna tartare with pine nuts prepared tableside to a red curry broth with a plump scallop and baby shrimp cake. Many reviewers are impressed with the chef’s ability to offer such a spectacular dining experience. Located at 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140, you won’t find a better restaurant with offerings from the sea. Phone for reservations at 305-674-4636.

The Forge

This restaurant has 46-year history, filled with stories of New York wiseguys and pop star celebs. This legendary spot now features Christopher Lee, a James Beard Award winner, in the chef position. His homespun, but modern, adaptions will please the restaurant’s traditionalists while courting new fans. A $2.7 million wine cellar ensures that the libations are exceptional. The Forge is located at 432 West 41st Street, Miami Beach, FL 33140, and reservations may be made by calling 305-538-8533.


This Chinese restaurant offers a wide range of Hunan and Hong Kong cuisine, with specials that includes General Tso’s alligator, lamb tongue flatbread, fried duck head, jellyfish salad and whole rabbit. If you’re ready to enjoy a unique dinner, then this hip, welcoming spot is for you. The prices here are reasonable and the friendly staff can help you make your choices. You’ll find this gem, which was voted the best Chinese of 2014, at 3451 NE 1st Avenue #103 Miami, FL 33137. Call ahead at 305-573-8886.


To have a complete immersion in the Cuban culture, a visit to Versailles is in order. A popular spot with the locals, this casual restaurant brings back memories of old Havana – full of excitement, boisterous and loud. The extensive menu of Cuban offerings is truly remarkable. As one visitor said, “If it’s not on the menu, it’s probably not Cuban!” Some of the favorites are the Cuban coffee, Garlicky Roasted Chicken, Lechon, and the homemade soups. Visit Versailles at 3555 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135. You can also phone at 305-444-0240.

11th Street Diner

If you’re looking a terrific place to grab a bite after an evening on the town, then the 11th Street Diner is a great choice. With a menu full of comfort foods and the atmosphere you would expect from a diner, this restaurant is waiting for you and your escort to wind down in before heading back to the hotel.
March 1, 2015

Miami’s Nightlife Experience – From the Relaxing to the Outrageous

There is no place that has a nightlife experience quite like Miami. From the most laid-back bars and pubs to vibrant, pulsating dance clubs, you’ll find a venue that suits you and your escort perfectly. You can watch as she lets the music envelope her on the dance floor or sit back and enjoy a drink at a low-key bar’s patio. Below, you’ll find a couple of the hottest nightclubs in Miami, as well as a couple of bars that are favorites among the locals.


This is one of the premier nightclubs in Miami, with parties hosted by P. Diddy and Jay-Z. With a gilded, ornate staircase and stellar sound, this nightclub is truly one-of-a-kind. With top-notch service, multi-levels and super DJs like David Guetta and Skrillex, there is little doubt of a larger-than-life experience. You can find Mansion at 1235 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 or call at 786-735-3344.

Salsa Mia

This is one vibrant dance club that for $40 will give you a two-hour salsa class, followed by an hour of practice time. On Friday nights at 11:00 p.m., the Salsa nightclub takes off, with the salsa pros shaking their hips to a DJ and live music. You can choose to show off your salsa moves or simply watch as others take to the dance floor. It’s located at 1238 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 and you can call at 305-987-3033.

Mango’s Tropical Club

This exciting Latin dance club is a popular tourist destination, mainly for the bar dancers that are dressed in glittering, skintight spandex, flamenco skirts and feathered headdresses. The crowd will quickly join the party and you’ll appreciate the wide range of drinks available at the bar. Don’t miss out on this exciting party. Mango’s Tropical Club is located at 900 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139 and you can call at 305-673-4422,

The Broken Shaker

If you love the ambiance of a true mixology bar, then you have to check out The Broken Shaker. Their creative, artisanal cocktails are made from ingredients that are fresh from their own garden. This is a great place to gather to watch hip, savvy locals and tourists, all of whom are budget-minded. There’s an always-changing menu, and you’ll enjoy watching the mixologists craft a special drink just for you. It’s located at 2727 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33140, and you can call ahead at 305-531-2727.

The Night Goes On and On in Miami

The nightlife in Miami often greets the morning sun. You’ll love the energy this city has, and you can enjoy with your stunning escort on your arm. From the frantic dance club scene to the laid-back atmosphere of local bars, Miami offers something for everyone to enjoy at night. Grab a bite afterwards at some of the most glamorous dining destinations or simply find a local diner to enjoy some downhome favorites off their menu. Whatever your pleasure, Miami can meet it.
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